Trail I filled myself with water To build my stack of tears He killed the band of brothers In exile we'll be years He scarred my soul with pleasure Salvation lies in pain Don't know to take what measure Nothing left to gain Drown myself in sorrow Let laughter come afloat Be sad until tomorrow Take the early boat The sun will set itself As always to the sky Some books are off the shelf The wound is in my thigh It bleeds and bleeds but still I stand Love it does prevail Find your way in foreign land You found your long lost trail My blood it sinks into this land To fertilize the earth My leg is red, I wear my band I'm standing in the dirth This barren land goes overgrown I quench my thirst with rain The wound it heals, I'm on my own My love is not in vain I see myself out standing In rivers flowing hard My love it has no ending I'm dancing in the dark My shadow is so certain I'm always in its light I breathe and close th